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Atomic Wallet Review: How Does It Compare In Security?



atomic wallet review

If you are reading this Atomic Wallet Review right now, you are likely to be at the start of your crypto journey. Maybe you have already started it and are just looking for a new wallet. Whatever your case is, you came to the right place.

We know that when the time of picking a wallet comes, there are so many options around that it can be overwhelming. For this reason, many people opt to go with the most popular options without much thought.

However, taking some time to pick the right wallets is always a good idea to ensure the safety of your crypto. In addition to this, a good wallet will offer you additional features to level up your crypto game.

Security, ease of use, and reliability are among the most important features we should look for in a wallet. Well, as you will see during this Atomic Wallet review, this wallet shines in all of these aspects. Not only this, but it also manages to stay simple and easy to use while remaining extremely secure.

“Go and download Atomic Wallet right now!” is what we would like to say right now… However, we want to make sure you first understand why. Don’t worry; by the end of this review, you will likely be downloading this wallet… We are sure of that. Let’s get started!

What is Atomic Wallet?

Atomic Wallet is a software-based wallet capable of supporting blockchains and over 300 cryptocurrencies/tokens. This wallet allows you to store your funds online while ensuring they remain accessible only to you… As it should be! Security, decentralization, and anonymity are the 3 pillars of Atomic Wallet.

Atomic Wallet has a whooping 4.2 score on Trustpilot coming from over ten thousand reviews. Combine this with excellent scores on both the Apple App Store and Google Play, and you can see that this wallet is a favorite. In fact, the Atomic Wallet has over 1 million users around the world!

What Features Does Atomic Wallet Offer?

Atomic Wallet offers several features for you to interact with your favorite cryptocurrencies without leaving the app. Atomic Wallet will let you store, send, receive, exchange, buy, and stake cryptocurrencies, all without leaving the app.

While these features may not sound like much compared to platforms like crypto exchanges, they are. Many crypto wallets will limit themselves to providing you with a means to store crypto, and that’s it. However, Atomic Wallet goes above and beyond to provide you with added convenience.

The wallet’s storing, sending, and receiving features are pretty straightforward, so we will not mention them in this section. However, the other features are worth looking at in more detail.

Crypto Trading

The exchange platform will provide you with a means to trade cryptocurrency directly from your wallet. This means that you won’t need to transfer your crypto to an exchange, trade it, and then send it back to the wallet. While you will incur fees, which we will discuss later, chances are you save money and time by using this service.

Buy Crypto With Fiat

Atomic Wallet also allows you to buy cryptocurrency directly to your wallet. Unlike trading, this means you can transform fiat into crypto. This is great for beginners or just anyone looking for convenience. 


Finally, we have the staking function. Staking is a great way to maximize your gains by generating passive income. When you stake your crypto, you will receive a percentage in reward.

While this varies depending on the coin, it is a great way to have your crypto working for you. After all, while holding your crypto, why not have it generate rewards at the same time?

You might already be convinced of the need to download Atomic wallet with these features. And you totally should head to their site and download the app! However, if you are still unsure, let us give you more reasons.

Other Features

The truth is that these are not the only features offered by Atomic Wallet. When using it, you will gain access to smaller, although still incredibly useful features. These include:

  • Transaction history: You can see your transaction history and get great insights into them. While this may not sound as much, Atomic Wallet allows you to export your history in formats such as CSV. This means you can easily use this data with other software to gain even more valuable data and insights.
  • Restoring your wallet through a QR-code: When using the Atomic Wallet desktop app, you will have the option of generating a QR-code. This code can then be scanned using the mobile app to sync your wallet between the two devices. It is extremely convenient, trust us… No one likes having to go through the seed phrase process.
  • WalletConnect support: The mobile app supports this protocol to connect to other services. This allows you to use dApps and protocols like Uniswap, Compound, etc.
  • Fingerprint/FaceID: Why type a long password if you can use your biometric data to gain access to your wallet? With most smartphones already supporting this technology, it just makes sense to use it!

What Cryptocurrencies Does Atomic Wallet Support?

With over 300 cryptocurrencies supported, Atomic is capable of working with all of the main players in the game. This means you will not have to worry about your favorite crypto not being supported. Let’s take a look at some of the coins supported by Atomic Wallet when it comes to storage and staking:

Solana (SOL)Zilliqa (ZIL)Cardano (ADA)Atomic Wallet Token (AWC)
Icon (ICX)BAND Protocol (BAND)Cosmos (ATOM)Tezos (XTZ)
Tron (TRX)NEO (NEO)Komodo (KMD)Algorand (ALGO)
Vechain (VET)VeThor (VTHO)

In addition to these, you can also store and buy coins like:

Bitcoin (BTC)Ethereum (ETH)Litecoin (LTC)Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
Ripple (XRP)Stellar (XLM)EOS (EOS)Tether USD (USDT)
Bitcoin SV (BSV)Dash (DASH)Solana (SOL)Polkadot (DOT)

This coin support is consistent with the rest of our Atomic Wallet review: Atomic Wallet does it all. No matter what currency you are interested in, if it is not supported today, it will probably be added tomorrow.

Does Atomic Wallet Have Fees?

Transaction Fees

Atomic charges no extra fees for sending and receiving crypto. You only pay network fees depending on which network you are operating on. These fees are paid to the miners and nodes responsible for keeping the cryptocurrencies alive and working.

As such, these fees are common to all wallets. Atomic Wallet doesn’t keep any of that money for itself.

These fees usually fluctuate according to factors like network congestion and the number of inputs on your address. Before confirming an operation, Atomic Wallet will show you an approximation of your fee and the resulting balance.

Purchase Fees

If you choose to use the “buy crypto” feature, you will incur fees. These come in 2 parts:

  • Atomic Wallet charges a flat 2% fee for facilitating the service.     
  • Any fees your bank or card issuers charge.

Staking Fees

The staking feature will not result in any fees being charged. This is great as staking is a feature meant to make money, not waste it!

This straightforward fee structure is just another example of why Atomic Wallet is a favorite of ours. We believe every crypto investor should try this wallet. What are you waiting for? Go and give it a try! Or do you still need some convincing?

How Good is Atomic Wallet’s Customer Support?

In this Atomic Wallet review, we already mentioned the great reviews the wallet has received from its users. However, the features and great benefits it offers are not the only reason.

After all, no platform is perfect, and as such, users will eventually need support. This might make you wonder how Atomic Wallet deals with this.

Online Knowledge Base

Well, Atomic Wallet has an online knowledge base featuring over one hundred articles. The topic of these articles ranges from troubleshooting to basic crypto concepts. This makes the knowledge base more than a means to solve an issue; it is also a learning resource. This is great for veterans and beginners alike!

24/7 Customer Support 

If you still find yourself in need of help after checking the knowledge base, Trust wallet also provides 24/7 support. You can reach the customer support team by filling a form on their website, which will get a reply between one and two hours. If you have ever been a client of any online platform, this should be enough for you to understand how fast they are.

Unfortunately, Atomic Wallet doesn’t offer other support methods beyond support tickets. However, the speed of its team makes this method more than enough!

How Does Atomic Wallet Keep Your Assets Safe?

Cryptocurrency is known for placing the burden of responsibility on its users. As such, security is a crucial aspect when considering any crypto wallet or crypto platform.

Atomic Wallet pays special attention to the security aspect. After all, the whole idea of a crypto wallet is to secure your cryptocurrency! Let’s take a look at how Atomic Wallet achieves this.

Atomic Wallet acts as an interface between you and the blockchain, where all of your funds are kept. It does not store the user’s private information, and the company itself does not hold the user’s funds; operations are done directly on the blockchain. This means your privacy is protected at all times.

User Created Password

The first line of defense is a user-created password. This is needed to validate transactions and to see the list of private keys owned by the user. This password protects the wallet and the operations going on inside of the app.

Backup Phrase

Of course, we humans can sometimes forget passwords, meaning there’s a need for a backup plan. Atomic gives an alternative to that by providing users a randomly generated 12-word backup phrase that can be remembered or saved elsewhere.

You might be thinking that those security features are pretty standard. Well, let us provide you with some more insights on Atomic Wallet’s security practices.


Atomic Wallet uses top-notch encryption. All data stored locally and data sent in exchanges with blockchains are encrypted using AES symmetric encryption and TLS asymmetric encryption, respectively.

Both of these are proven and robust standards that have been used in all sorts of implementations around the world for years now. Guess what? They have never been broken!

This advanced encryption means your data can’t be read by someone who intercepts it or gains access to it without your knowledge. This is possible because your password is also the key to decrypting all data.

As all of your data is encrypted and decrypted locally, you can rest assured that all your data is safe.


All in all, Atomic Wallet is one of the most secure and versatile crypto wallets out there.

With a sleek design, straightforward interface, great support, blockchain integration, and robust features… It has everything most crypto investors will need.

While the best wallet for you will depend on your specific needs, we can confidently say that Atomic Wallet is a must-try for everyone.

No matter if you are a beginner or a veteran. If you are looking for a new software wallet to use, go and give Atomic Wallet a try!

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