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Best Cryptocurrency Wallets – Our Top 10 Picks



best cryptocurrency wallets

If you have been in crypto for a while, it is likely that you already have a wallet of your own. However, we might be able to help you discover a wallet that better suits your needs. After all, new wallets are being developed every day!

It should be clarified that this top 10 has no particular order. We are limiting ourselves to show you the 10 best wallets we know and which category we believe they excel in.

So make sure to consider your particular case, objectives, and your investor profile to decide which one is the best fit for you. So with that said, let’s get started!

Best Hardware Wallet For Beginners: Ledger Nano S

A common mistake among beginners is not prioritizing safety. We get it, the safest options can usually be overwhelming at first. This has historically been true for hardware wallets… However, this has been changing over the years.

It is now easier than ever to avoid this mistake, especially with wallets like the Ledger Nano S becoming more popular.

ledger nano s review

The Ledger Nano S Wallet is an external hardware wallet. It works similar to a USB  that allows you to carry your cryptos in your pocket just like a traditional wallet.

Using a hardware wallet is much safer than a software wallet because the private keys are always with you and never online. This way you can absolutely avoid hacks resulting from online connectivity.

We recommend the Ledger Nano S for beginners because of its ease of use. The security it provides is also top-notch as it was created by Ledger, a company that specializes in cybersecurity and cryptocurrencies.

This model was launched in 2014 which makes it one of the first hardware wallets on the market. For this reason, it may be a bit old-fashioned compared to current models.

But that is not necessarily a bad thing, since it has fewer features than modern ones, it is easier to use. Also, don’t underestimate the Nano S… It may be an old model but its security capabilities are as good as ever!

ledger live

When you consider that one of the main drawbacks of this wallet is that it still uses USB Type-B, you can see it is a great wallet as this is not a very big issue. 

The device allows you to install up to 6 applications at the same time. These will allow you to access the functions of those applications you choose, which can be to store specific cryptocurrencies or services.

Some of the most popular crypto services supported by the wallet are:

  • 1inch
  • Aave
  • Changelly
  • Coinify
  • Compound Protocol
  • DeversiFi
  • Lido
  • Paraswap
  • Wyre
  • Zerion

With all these applications you can buy and sell crypto, borrow or lend, manage NFTs, stake, swap crypto, access DeFi services, and more.

In addition, you can sell or buy more than 1800 types of cryptocurrency. This makes the Nano S Wallet one of the most complete wallets in terms of variety, and one of the best cryptocurrency wallets overall.

If you are beginning your crypto journey or just looking to get your first hardware wallet, the Ledger Nano S is a great option. If you want to know more, we have an in-depth review of this wallet here

Best Hardware Wallet For Experienced Traders: Trezor Model T

Having mentioned the Nano S Wallet by Ledger, we are now going to talk about a much more complete hardware wallet.

If you have been in crypto for a while, you probably need more power. This can be in terms of app support, features, and accessibility. In this case, we believe the Trezor Model T is the best option.

trezor model t review

Developed by the Czech company called SatoshiLabs in 2018, this is one of the main competitors of the Ledger Nano S. Satoshi Labs is an industry leader as far as security development is concerned, having contributed since 2013 to the blockchain, crypto, and cybersecurity industries.

The company has also developed more than 22 security standards, more than 40 source code repositories, and contributed to major open-source crypto projects.

Let’s compare this wallet with our previous entry starting from the outside in. The first thing you will notice is that the Trezor Model T is no longer something similar to a USB… It is bigger, with a different shape, and a better screen.

Being more modern, it uses USB Type-C. This is a huge advantage over the Ledger Nano S as it is more convenient to connect. USB Type C is also being used more and more in newer devices while Type-B is losing its popularity. 

In addition, this model comes bundled with a 240x240px touchscreen.  You will be able to interact with it without the need to connect it to a computer and start the program. This makes it an excellent choice for anyone who needs to keep on top of their crypto.

Let’s talk about the software now.

The first difference you will notice is that, unlike the Ledger Nano S, Trezor works without the need to install applications on the device. Trezor’s own operating system allows you to use all the functions of a wallet, which makes things much easier.

Well, kind of… You still will need to use a web app or the official Trezor app but without installing it on the device.

The Trezor Model T also has many security measures, among them are:

  • Passphrase Encryption
  • Recovery Seed Phrase
  • Firmware Verification
  • Advanced Backup Features (SSSS)
  • Secure Shell (SSH)
  • Password Manager
  • GNU Privacy Guard (GPG)
  • Universal 2nd Factor Authentication (U2F)
  • Self-Destruct Pin (Wipe Code)
  • Protected Bootloader
  • Protected Key operations

In conclusion, those looking for an alternative that offers more features can opt for the Trezor Model T. In terms of security, you will also find that this wallet offers more advanced features.

Due to these advanced features, we believe the Trezor Model T is the best option for experienced traders. If you want to know more about this wallet, check out our full review!

Best Software Wallet For Security: Exodus

We have already talked about Trezor and its hardware wallet and we have already checked its security guarantees. But we understand that maybe buying a hardware wallet is not something that everyone in the world can afford.

No need to worry, there are plenty of secure software wallets you can use. Just keep in mind that a software wallet will never be as secure as a hardware wallet. For this reason, you might want to transition to a hardware wallet as your portfolio grows.

exodus wallet review

Now, in terms of security, we recommend Exodus Wallet. Not only is it extremely secure but it also is entirely free. You will also gain access to a lot of incredible features to improve your crypto experience.

When you make a transaction in any coin using Exodus, you will only pay for network fees. Exodus itself will not charge you, which is a great way to save money.

You may be wondering “How does this company make money if they don’t charge fees?” The truth is that the fees are there, but they only exist when using the built-in exchange. So in terms of security, features, and price, Exodus Wallet is without a doubt one of the best cryptocurrency wallets (if not the best).

You can learn more about Exodus wallet in this review.  

Best Balance Between Accessibility and Safety: Ledger Nano X Wallet

Maybe you found the Nano S quite convenient and you like how simple it is, but you are not entirely convinced by its security features. Or maybe you liked the Trezor Model T for its security, but you think that so many options in a single wallet can be overwhelming and uncomfortable.

ledger nano x review

If this is the case you should be looking for a balance between the positives of both. Well, the Ledger Nano X is a hardware wallet that combines simplicity, accessibility, and security in the right way.

Ledger decided to release the Ledger Nano X for sale in 2019. Having learned from its mistakes but also improving its shortcomings caused by the passage of time, they decided to create an advanced version of the Nano S.

This updated version retains some of the most charismatic features of its predecessor. After all, the Ledger Nano S was (and still is) a great wallet… It is just a matter of added power.

While a bit larger than the Nano S, the Ledger Nano X  still has its characteristic USB shape. This allows it to be carried in your pants pocket or a keychain if you wanted to. The USB Type-B problem will no longer be something to worry about as the Ledger Nano X has USB Type-C.

This time, when you start your wallet, it will ask you for the PIN code number to be between 4 and 8 numbers. The key phrase, on the other hand, will be exactly 24 words. These longer codes exponentially increase the security of your wallet by decreasing the chances of being guessed.

The Ledger Nano X offers Bluetooth functionality, which facilitates its use while on the move. Just connect to your phone and interact with your crypto at any time. Who needs a cable, right?

If you would like to know more about this wallet. Check our Ledger Nano X review!

Best Desktop Wallet: Atomic Wallet

We have already talked about 3 hardware wallets and not enough software alternatives. While many opt to use mobile wallets, a desktop wallet can provide added security and convenience. This is especially true if you use your computer as your main platform for trading.

atomic wallet

The benefit of a desktop wallet over hardware wallets is their convenience. When it comes to mobile wallets… Well, it is harder to lose your desktop or laptop from your sight. If you are a crypto enthusiast looking for the best cryptocurrency wallets in their desktop version, we present you with Atomic Wallet.

You probably know about it because it is undoubtedly one of the most acclaimed wallets out there. It has all the must-haves that a trader may wish for. By getting Atomic Wallet for free, you will be able to access a series of features that, although may seem basic, most wallets do not have.

When using this wallet you will not only be able to send and receive crypto. You also can buy and sell crypto, make atomic swaps with other currencies within the same platform, and even stake your crypto to generate passive gains.

Some of these features are the result of a partnership with exchanges such as ShapeShift and Changelly. This means that there will be fees involved.

However, leaving the trading features and network fees aside, Atomic wallet is completely free to use. Not only that but it also is easy to use, supports many cryptos, and above all, it will generate more profits than expenses.

Undoubtedly one of the best cryptocurrency wallets, you might want to learn more about desktop wallets and Atomic wallet here.

Best Mobile Wallet: Trust Wallet

It is a known truth that people seem to be busier now than ever before.

As such, it might not always be possible for you to take your hardware wallet with you or use your computer. Maybe you are on vacation at the beach or went out for a jog and chose to leave your hardware wallet just to remember you were going to buy the dip.

If this sounds like you, a Mobile wallet might be for you.

trust wallet review

Due to the limitations of smartphones and their touch screens, a mobile wallet should be as simple, elegant, and easy to use as possible. No mobile crypto wallet achieves this better than Trust Wallet.

If you have experience using mobile applications, you’ve probably come across applications that lack in design and performance. Well, Trust wallet is not such an application but an absolutely reliable and easy-to-use application for your phone.

Trust wallet was created in 2017 by American developer Viktor Radchenko as a platform just for storing crypto. But over the years thanks to a community that grew exponentially, it became an excellent free-to-use wallet.

With a sober and clean design, as well as incredible performance, it has become a favorite for many… Including us!

Trust Wallet allows you to have up to 15 different types of wallets in a single account. You can also sell and buy crypto, store NFTs, stake your own cryptos to get profits constantly, use DEX trading, and access dApps services. This makes it a great platform for experienced and new traders alike.

Trust wallet coins

Perhaps the only problem with Trust Wallet is that its community has grown too large. While this doesn’t sound bad, it has resulted in its developers encouraging them to help each other whenever someone needs help.

This has caused a decrease in the quality of its customer service. However, the developers’ strategy is not so bad as the community is very responsive and tends to help you very quickly when you ask questions in the forums.

It is also important to consider that you are not paying for the service!

All in all, it is impossible to find a more popular crypto mobile wallet and we believe that this popularity is well deserved. If you want to know more about this wallet, you can find more information in our full review here.

Honorable Mentions

Now that we have mentioned some of the best cryptocurrency wallets out there, it is time for some honorable mentions. These wallets are excellent in many regards. However, their lack of certain features, limited currency support, and relatively recent launch, was not enough for them to make it to the previous categories.

That being said, these wallets are a solid option for any trader to use. What we consider drawbacks might be actually a positive feature for some. Let’s take a look at them!

Electrum Wallet: For Those Who Love Bitcoin And Don’t Care About Design

We are back to desktop wallets. With almost 10 years of permanent operation, Electrum has earned its place in this list by constantly being one of the most popular wallets. Not only that but it has also been getting even better with the years.

electrum wallet

Hundreds of thousands of users have used Electrum’s platform free of charge and securely for 10 years. However, this decade of constant development has turned Electrum into a wallet that is not at all friendly to inexperienced traders.

Let’s be honest, if after having seen other wallets in these lists we show you Electrum’s design, surely the first thing you will say is “Wow, how ugly”… And you would not be wrong.

The design looks like something out of the Windows Vista control panel. With no colors, no graphics, no explanations of absolutely nothing, you will be shocked at first when using it.

You may be asking yourself “Why am I being recommended this wallet?”. Well, a cryptocurrency wallet is not about design but security and features. And Electrum does this pretty well.

Electrum only supports Bitcoin, unlike other wallets we have seen before. This focus on the most popular cryptocurrency makes its operation flawless, instant and one hundred percent secure. It may not make it into our top 10 most good-looking apps, but in our list of 10 best cryptocurrency wallets, it has a guaranteed place.

If you are a Bitcoin maximalist or just want your Bitcoin to be as safe as possible, this wallet is for you. You can find more information here.

Coinbase Wallet: For NFT Lovers

Ok, don’t be alarmed, we’re not saying that Coinbase Wallet is specifically for NFTs. In fact, Coinbase is surely one of the best cryptocurrency wallets you’ll find out there. With practically all the features you can be looking for, there is only one reason why this wallet is an honorable mention: Other wallets do better.

However, there is something  Coinbase does better than others and we want to highlight it here: NFTs. If you are a digital artist or NFT collector, you will want to check this wallet. Coinbase has created a storage system for your artwork based on a gallery system which makes it extremely satisfying to interact with your virtual collectibles.

Coinbase wallet is simply the best way to store your NFTs whether you are a digital artist or an artwork owner. The wallet is also backed by the experience of one of the biggest crypto platforms and the positive experience of more than 68 million users.

ShapeShift KeepKey and Coinkite ColdCard Mk3: Not The Most Popular But Still Great

The last entry on our list of the best cryptocurrency wallets is going to be occupied by two very similar hardware wallets. Yes, we know we might be cheating here but hear me out.

Putting your crypto in a hot wallet that can be accessed by any hacker is very risky. No software wallet is going to give you the peace of mind that you will have if you can unplug your USB and not worry about it at all. We don’t want to sound repetitive, but security comes first.

We emphasize that even if you have to spend a little more money, it is really money well spent. Do not see it as an expense, but as an investment in your security. Some are really cheap, and if you can’t afford a Trezor or Ledger hardware wallet, here are two alternatives:

ShapeShift KeepKey

Let’s start with ShapeShift KeepKey. As its name suggests, KeepKey is the official wallet of the Swiss exchange ShapeShift. This means it is easily integrable with the exchange, which is a great plus for those using it to trade.


As for its price you can get it for only $49. While the wallet is to be used with the exchange’s platform it offers great security for a small price. It is also the hardware wallet of this list with the most eye pleasing and elegant design. It has a 38 mm x 93.5 mm screen where every crypto movement you make will be reflected in writing.

We have talked about this wallet in more detail in this review!

Coinkite GoldCard Mk3

The other Hardware Wallet honorable mention is the Coinkite GoldCard Mk3 or GoldCard for short. It is a bit more exclusive as it was developed by the Canadian security company Coinkite. More than cryptocurrency experts, the company is dedicated to selling products such as alarms or setting up security networks.

Coinkite ColdCard Mk3

GoldCard, unlike the other hardware wallets we have seen, works as its name indicates, with gold… Or at least what has been known as digital gold: Bitcoin. While this seems to be a disadvantage compared to the possibilities offered by Trezor and Ledger, the truth is that many investors are limiting themselves to Bitcoin.

The Canadian company really took matters into its own hands when designing this security device. Every time you try to access your money you will have to go through at least 4 security PINs, to avoid both possible human and cybernetic attacks. The limited features of the wallet also ensure there are fewer attack vectors available to bad actors.

Priced at $119 on its official website, the wallet is on the expensive side. However, it remains a popular crypto wallet for those focused on security. You can learn more about the GoldCard wallet here.


That’s it for this list of the 10 best cryptocurrency wallets. We hope you were able to find the one that’s best for you on your crypto journey. 

No matter what your specific needs are or if you are able to pay for a hardware wallet or not. By going for any of these wallets we have listed, you are sure to keep your crypto as safe as it can be and get the best features. That being said, a wallet is only as safe as you allow it to be. For this reason, it is important you follow good security practices!

Now that we have provided you with a list of the best cryptocurrency wallets, the rest is up to you. No matter if you are a new or experienced trader, take your time to choose the best wallet for you and your needs.

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