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Crypto Vs Binance: Which Comes Out On Top?



Binance vs

To start with this comparison about two giant figures in the crypto world, we must know what they are. We will be reviewing what they are for, their history, features, and how they would benefit you. That ends up being the most important thing, right?

All of these factors will help you decide which platform to lean on. Just keep reading, and you will be impressed about what these two exchanges have to offer you. And Binance: What Are They?

What Is was founded in 2016 and now has well over 10,000,000 users. They offer several financial services, such as buying, selling, and tracking over 50 cryptocurrencies.

On top of that, they also allow you to earn cash back on your investments.

Many crypto enthusiasts ask themselves when learning about this platform: Why is it called “” if it relies so heavily on its app rather than its website?

Well, the explanation is not as attractive as one would expect. One of its founders stated that he could get the domain name for and liked it. So, essentially, the team just made it the official name for every form of their project. It didn’t matter if it was a mobile app or desktop app.

The platform has over 2,600 employees and more than 10 million users in more than 90 countries. This makes one of the most popular crypto platforms in the world, and with good reason. It also may be one of the most formidable competitors to another company well known in this ambit: Binance… And trust us, that is quite a compliment.

What Is Binance?

Binance is a scary exchange to compete with for many reasons. Ever since being founded, Binance has been considered the crypto platform with the highest commercial volume in the world. It is also considered the number one exchange by many prominent analysts and review websites.

The Binance exchange launched in 2017 after a successful Initial Coin Offering (ICO) raised $15,000,000. Those investors got BNB coins in return for an initial value of around $0.10. Now, at the time of writing, the price of this cryptocurrency is $578 per coin. The profits were astronomical, just like the success of the platform to which it is attached.

While no one knows where Binance is headquartered, and you will have many people saying that is radicated on Malta.

However, about a year ago, the Maltese regulator came out to say that Binance isn’t under Maltese jurisdiction. According to Binance’s founder and CEO: “Historically, we claim that we don’t have headquarters. We are just in the process of establishing a few headquarters in different parts of the world.”

Binance review

Some people make a big deal about this fact. However, do you need to ask yourself where Bitcoin, for example, is headquartered? That’s the problem with businesses in crypto like Binance, and it’s maybe best not to judge them as you would with a traditional company.

After all, Binance is global and has many offices worldwide, with staff in around 50 countries.

Another fact why you shouldn’t worry about Binance’s location is because their team isn’t hiding at all. You can find everything you need to know about their CEO, Changpeng Zhao. He has appeared in numerous interviews over the years, even appearing on the front cover of Forbes magazine.

So, we have here the most successful crypto exchange on the planet, led by a founder that in 3 years achieved a level of wealth that would take other billionaires many more years.

However, is this exchange the best for you? How does it compare with Let’s find out by continuing this vs. Binance review!

What Features Does Each Platform Offer?

We have already referred to the history of these exchanges and what they are. Now, it’s time to talk about what characteristics they offer to us, their most important asset, customers.

We are going to cover the main differences in terms of benefits offered by these two major exchanges. If you are interested in reading articles that compare Binance with other famous exchanges, you can check our “KuCoin Vs. Binance” review. is a very famous platform that we believe to be quite useful and intuitive compared to Binance. But does that make it better?

At the same time, we know that Binance is the number one exchange on the entire planet, and this is for good reasons that we will see below. But will it stay at that spot forever?

Keep reading to find out!

We will start this battle of giants by talking about It is impressive what this exchange achieved over the past 5 years and the ecosystem that they have built out.

Also, they are one of the fastest-growing platforms, with over 10,000,000 users worldwide, as we said before. We think that this platform represents the future and perhaps adopted as one of the best out there. is trying to accelerate the world’s transition into cryptocurrency. Honestly, we think they are doing a pretty good job. So, let’s take a look at all the features that this platform offers.

Buy And Sell Cryptocurrency Easily ensures you an excellent experience for buying and selling crypto. You can transfer, buy and sell your coins simply due to their easy-to-use platform and intuitive interface.

Free From Transaction Fees

There is a $0 transaction fee when transacting with If you have ever used other exchanges, you probably found that fees are the rule, whether it’s 1 or 3%. That is very normal when it comes to the industry of crypto. After all, companies have to make money somehow, right?

However, if you are in no rush of buying crypto and you typically dollar cost average in, you can transfer money from your bank account into your account and purchase cryptocurrency without any fees at all.

Crypto Pay

This feature allows you to use to pay just like Venmo or Paypal by enabling you to send and receive crypto from other people. Send crypto to your contacts or anyone you like.

This is a neat feature if you are trying to get away from Venmo and want people to get into the fantastic world that crypto represents.

Crypto Credit

This feature allows you to take out a collateralized crypto loan. You can borrow up to 50% of that collateral! That means that if you supply $10,000 in Bitcoin, you could get $5,000 in stablecoins.

We are sure you are thinking, why would you want to hand in $10,000 in crypto, get $5,000 back, and pay an 8% to 12% APR on that loan?

Well, the truth is that most people use these types of loans to buy more crypto. It is a way to leverage that exposure to the markets. It is also a great way to generate liquidity in a hurry without having to sell your crypto.

Moreover, this crypto loan doesn’t require any annoying credit checks. So, you could view these types of loans to monetize your crypto assets. That’s why they are so over collateralized. If that’s of interest to you, you might consider staking 50,000 CRO to lower your apr to 8%.

Crypto Earn has created another solution for those wishing to increase their gains if they don’t want to apply for an over-collateralized loan. This feature is called “crypto earn.”

This feature allows you to supply over 30 cryptocurrencies or stable coins and earn interest. You can choose between flexible, 1 month, and 3-month deposit terms. The interest rate you get is also influenced by the amount of CRO you stake. Visa Cards offers different types of credit cards you can use to pay with crypto. These are the following:

  • Obsidian (Cro rewards = 8%)
  • Frosty Rose Gold & Icy White (Cro rewards = 5%)
  • Royal Indigo & Ice Green (Cro rewards = 3%)
  • Ruby Steel (Cro rewards = 2%)
  • Midnight Blue (Cro rewards = 1%)

If you want to know more about these credit cards, you can find more information on the official site. Once you are there, you will find every detail about these cards.

Gift Cards

If you aren’t into credit cards, you could look into using gift cards. You can earn 10% cashback by making use of them! If you make purchases anyway, you may want to do them here and get an additional cashback.

Mobile Airtime

If you are using a prepaid cell phone, you can top up an amount of money. will find what carrier you have, and you can use crypto to sync that amount. This is meant for people who don’t want to pay any foreign transaction fee or stay low-key.

For example, if you are visiting your grandparents in another country and don’t have your phone there, you don’t have to worry. You could enact a mobile airtime feature with another cellphone to top up the amount of money you want. Status

We know cryptocurrency itself can be scary. So, if you ever need to see what the platform is doing (if it goes down or slows down), click on the top right of the app. There, you will see a status of what the entire platform is doing and any delay.

Sure, this might not be much in terms of money… But it is another level of transparency that we all can appreciate.

Different Languages

A lot of exchanges are only in English. As is an international app, you do have access to different languages. If you are a native Italian or Spanish speaker, for example, you can contact support in that language, and they will be able to help you!

CRO Token

There is a lot of utility of CRO within the ecosystem. If you want to get the best cashback rewards on pay, you’ll need to stake CRO. Do you want the best interest rates on to earn? You’ll need to stake CRO. Want a premium visa card? You’ll need to stake CRO.

In addition to these benefits, the token itself has the potential to gain value as any other cryptocurrency. As such, you can invest in it or receive rewards, further increasing your profit!


As we said, Binance is not a tiny exchange at all but quite the opposite. The exchange is so big and has so much to offer that it is usually the reference frame we use in the crypto world.

It is hard to find a platform with more features than Binance… However, that is precisely the reason why many investors choose to use other platforms. For this vs. Binance review, we will take a look at some of the major features.

Buy Crypto With Fiat Money

You can quickly deposit your fiat money into Binance to buy cryptocurrency. There are a lot of payment methods available, including credit/debit cards, bank transfers, and more. You will be able to pay using a lot of currencies from all over the world, including USD and EUR.

Binance Academy

As its name states, this is an educational resource. When using it, you will find several videos and articles to learn about how to use Binance. The academy will also teach you about cryptocurrencies and blockchain in general – a nice feature for those new to this world.


This feature is exciting! It allows us to invest in tokens before the project it belongs to has launched. Binance has established partnerships with various projects to help them go to market. The result is that developers receive funding, and you gain early access to their tokens.

A recent example was the Porto token, which you could find on the launchpad and went up about 700% on its launch date. You know what they say: “The early bird gets the worm.”

Launch Pool

This feature is all about farming crypto. This means that you can lock your fund funds for a specified period, usually BNB or BUSD, and receive rewards.

These rewards are paid in a new token called DAR. This feature is somewhat similar to staking, but the only difference is that you get paid with a new token.

Different Types Of Trading

There are different types of trading for either advanced users or novice ones. If you are new to cryptocurrency, we recommend you use the “convert” type, and this is less complex and easier to use than the classic or advanced one.

However, if you have deep knowledge about cryptocurrency, you may want to use other options. These include spot, trading, futures, P2P, and more types of trading.

Fan Tokens

These are sports team tokens that were intended for fans in the past. Previous launches included the Lazio token and currently the Porto token, which were quite successful.

This section is fascinating for the fans of football and some teams for one simple reason: They allow you to participate in votes. By investing in your favorite team’s token, you support your team and participate in the decision-making process.

NFT Market

This is a feature for those who want to invest in non-fungible tokens. These types of tokens are mostly digital collectibles stored in the blockchain, and however, their potential is much simpler than most people imagine.

If you enjoy collecting art, this is a feature you will certainly enjoy using.

Binance Earn

Binance Earn is a collection of various products that allow you to generate passive income, and this is either through staking, loans, or providing liquidity to the market. The feature is handy for investors who want their money to work for them instead of just…there.

Binance Visa Credit Card

With this credit card, you can use the crypto in your Binance account to pay in any business that accepts Visa. It is a prepaid debit card that does not charge you commissions and is free to get.

You can use it by transferring cryptocurrencies from your spot wallet to the founding wallet. This is good since you do not have all the money from your card account, which makes it less susceptible to theft.

How Do Both Platforms Compare In Terms Of Security?

Security is always something fundamental to take into account when choosing between exchanges. As such, we will be analyzing which features these two exchanges offer when it comes to keeping your account safe. cares a lot about the security of its platform, just as much as its CEO Kris Marszalek does. This is why the platform has established many policies and securities to ensure your crypto is as safe as possible.

After extensive research, we couldn’t find any other company with more security certificates than The platform has been rated Tier 4 Adaptive, the highest level possible in cybersecurity risk management. Let’s take a look at some of the features that earned the platform this rating:

Cold Storage

All users’ assets are held offline in cold storage, making it inaccessible unless you have physical access to the wallet. This is widely considered the safest form of cryptocurrency storage you can find. has secured $750,000,000 in cold storage insurance against any type of cyber theft or physical damage. This means that even if someone were to access the cold wallets and steal the crypto physically… Users would be covered.

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

MFA protects every transaction on This is an excellent security method that includes email, phone, biometric, and authenticator verification.

If your password ever gets stolen, hackers wouldn’t be able to transact with your crypto! That’s unless you also had your email, phone, or the authenticator device is stolen.


We need to be straightforward here and tell you that Binance doesn’t have a clean record when talking about hacks. While this is a problem many big exchanges have faced, you need to be aware of it.

Back in 2019, around 2% of all Bitcoin on the platform got stolen by some hackers after gaining access to Binance’s hot wallet. We can also infer that Binance holds about 98% of all the crypto on the exchange in cold storage.

However, Binance did do the right thing and fully reimbursed everyone impacted by that breach. Those funds came from the Safu fund, a pot of crypto put aside to cover issues like hacks. This factor gives trust to customers, and knowing that the exchange is prepared for something like that is a great perk.

Now that we have mentioned this let’s look at how account security works with Binance.

Google Authenticator

This feature is just like multi-factor authentication but with Google authenticator as the app generating the code. The app generates a six-digit code which you will have to punch into Binance to log in or withdraw. This way, a crypto thief would need to have your phone unlocked to access your account.

Withdrawal Whitelist

You can also whitelist crypto addresses that you control, preventing transactions to other addresses from taking place. In case a withdrawal request to a different address is done, a 24-hour waiting period will be needed. This gives you time to lock everything down if you didn’t authorize such a withdrawal!

Antiphishing Code

You can activate an anti-phishing code which will be included in all communications from Binance with you. If that code doesn’t show up in a supposed email from Binance, then you know it’s a fake email.

Which Customer Support Is Better?

Experiencing an issue when transacting with crypto can be a real headache. However, it is even worse not to get that problem solved in a reasonable amount of time. It is always a good idea to consider the support quality when it comes to exchanges. Let’s look at what you can expect from customer support when it comes to vs. Binance.

To be honest with you, the support is not the best. Indeed, many people would say that this is an understatement. When trying to contact, days can elapse before you receive support depending on the issue. offers a customer support feature that looks like live chat support. However, the reality is that it’s not. Hop on there, and an automated bot will salute you. While this bot can be useful at times, you will be asked to submit a ticket more often than not.

We understand that is growing exponentially, and it takes time to scale up customer support to attend to high demands. However, there are many crypto platforms with exceptional customer service.

That being said, has a great community and knowledge base, making it easy to find information on features and common issues.


Binance customer support doesn’t do better than This applies both in terms of customer support and its quality. Slowness is caused due to large volume of users and high demand for support. The quality, well… Not all members of the customer service team have proven to be that knowledgeable.

We have been witnesses of these issues ourselves, which corroborates the accounts of many users. Just like with, the knowledge base and community forums are great… But don’t expect a lot in terms of personalized customer support.

While Binance does offer a true chat customer service feature, you will find that it can take up to 40 minutes for an agent to be connected with you. Not as bad as days, but it is still a long time for a medium intended to be fast.

Which Exchange Is Better When It Comes To Fees?

Fees are a topic that is often overlooked and inevitably cost some people fortune in the long term. It is essential to choose an exchange that handles low transaction fees.

Deposit Fees doesn’t charge any type of fee for depositing USD into your account. However, you will have to find out if your bank charges a separate fee.

Trading Fees

The standard fee on the exchange is 0.4% maker fee and another 0.4% for taker fee. The exchange has some favorable rates compared to other exchanges.

In Coinbase Pro, you will get a higher taker and maker fee to place this into perspective. This goes near to 0.5% for transactions under $10,000.


Deposit Fees

If you deposit fiat money using your credit card or debit card, you will need to pay a 3.5% or $10 fee, whichever is greater. If you pay with a Visa credit card, you can reduce the fee to 1%.

Trading Fees

Taker and maker fees start at just 0.1000% but can be significantly lower as several ways to reduce them. The first way is by trading more than 50 Bitcoin in 30 days, which is unlikely to be achievable by most traders. However, there is an alternative: Holding more than 50 BNB. To reduce taker fees, you will need to hold 1,000 BNB.

Instead, we recommend holding a bit of BNB in your account and using that to pay for your trading fees. Do that, and you will automatically get a 25% off those fees, and you’ll be paying 0.075%.

What Cryptocurrencies Does Each Platform Support?

In terms of supported cryptocurrencies, we can assure you these two exchanges support many of them. These include the main ones like BTC, ETH, SOL, ADA, and LTC. They also have a lot of well-known and rare altcoins.

CoolWallet S Supported Coins

However, is the winner here since it supports 7,571 coins. That’s a giant difference compared to Binance, which “only” supports 340.

Which Platform Is The Best For You? or Binance?

This review came to an end. We went over every aspect of these two exchanges. You may have realized that these two titans have a lot to offer, and they definitely will compete in the future to see which is the best.

However, our team thinks that Binance keeps winning and is still the best exchange out there. This is because the features it offers are better than in general. This is not to say that is a bad exchange.

If you want to have a vast catalog of features to choose from, we recommend using Binance. However, will prove more helpful if you are looking for convenience. To learn more about Binance, you can read our Binance review!

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