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How To Get Paid To Earn Passive Income With Crypto



Get paid to earn passive income

I know what you’re thinking, “get PAID to earn passive income; who would pay you to make money?” Stick with me, and I’ll show you exactly how it’s done and have you on your way earning crypto for doing… nothing!

The best part is this method is risk-free! You don’t have to worry about the crypto markets going up or down. No matter how the market is doing, you’ll still make money. That is because we will only be using stablecoins, coins that are always worth $1.

There are two aspects to the method I’m about to show you. First is the “getting paid” part, and second is the “passive income” part.

If you want a more detailed breakdown of how each part works, skip to the bottom of this article. For now, let’s get started!

How It’s Done

Important: Make sure you use the links provided in this article to sign up for the apps mentioned to get the signup bonuses.

1.     Create Newton and Block Fi Accounts

The first step is to create an account on the crypto exchange Newton. They give a $25 CAD bonus when new accounts trade $100 CAD in crypto or more.

Sign up to Newton by using this link:

You also need to sign up for the crypto interest platform Block Fi. They give you $10 in BTC when you deposit $100 USD or more onto the platform.

Sign up to Block Fi by using this link:

Make sure that you follow all of the signup instructions on both platforms and do any required verification.

2.     Add Funds To Newton

You will need at least 100 USDC for this method, but to be safe, you should buy 110 USDC to cover any fees. At the time of writing, this will cost $141.75 CAD but make sure to double-check before buying any USDC.

Now, to add money to the exchange, click “add funds” then “interact e-transfer.” Add your email and then type in the amount you want to deposit (At least $140 CAD).

The more money you deposit, the more you will be making weekly in interest on Block Fi.

You will then get an email, click the deposit button to be redirected to your bank app, where you will fill in any required information, and click send.

It can take up to 30 minutes for your money to reach the exchange.

3.     Buying USDC

Now that your money is on the exchange, we need to buy USDC.

Click on the “trade” option and then make sure that on the top box, you have CAD selected, and on the bottom box, you change it to USDC.

Next, click the “max” button, then review trade, and lastly, confirm trade.

4.     Sending USDC

To send USDC, we will need to get your public key from Block Fi. To get this, sign into Block Fi (or sign up if you haven’t already) and then click the “fund” tab and then “crypto transfer.”

From here, select USDC and then copy the address provided. It should look something like “0xc81d1b16ed3fe0ab0880484de3735ad5410e2bb6.”

Now, go back to Newton and click “withdraw” then “crypto to wallet.” Select USDC and then click “max.”

After, you will need to click the “paste” button to paste your public key from Block Fi. Double-check that the pasted key exactly matches the key on Block Fi. If it is different at all, you may lose your crypto when you send it.

When you are positive that it is correct, click “review withdrawal” and then “confirm.”

5.     Done! Make Sure You Get Your Bonuses

Congrats! If you have made it this far, you’re done! If you haven’t received your bonus on Newton yet, wait a couple of days, and it should show up. When you get it, you could convert it to USDC and send it to Block Fi so that you can make even more money in interest!

The signup reward on Block Fi requires you to leave your USDC on the platform for 30 days. When you get it, it will automatically start earning more interest!

Don’t forget, you’re also now going to be making money every day just by holding your crypto on Block Fi. Check the app every so often to see how much your crypto has grown.

How This Method Works

Getting Paid To Start Earning Passive Income

The way this works is by taking advantage of signup bonuses on crypto platforms. You have to make sure that you are signing up with links that we provide you in this article so that the referral codes are applied.

To do this method, you are going to have to sign up on two platforms.

The first is a crypto exchange called Newton. They will give you $25 CAD for opening an account and purchasing $100 CAD of crypto. The currency that we will be purchasing on this exchange is called USDC.

You will need at least 110 USDC in order for this method to work, which should cost you around $140 CAD.

Signup for Newton by using this link:

The next platform is essentially a crypto savings account, and it is called Block Fi. You will be able to earn 9% APR on your USDC when you deposit it onto the app!

When you sign up on this platform, you get $10 in Bitcoin when you deposit $100 USD or more.

Signup for Block Fi by using this link:

Take note that the two platforms use different currencies. You will have to keep this in mind when purchasing the right amount of crypto to get the deposit bonus from Block Fi.

Earning Passive Income With Crypto

The way you earn passive income is by holding your crypto on interest-providing platforms such as Block Fi. On stable coins (such as USDC and USDT), they pay up to 9.5% APR. Your money also compounds in this platform, so you make more and more money each week!

You may be wondering how they are able to offer such high returns, especially since banks only give 0.5-1% on average. The answer is that they do not have to pay the same overhead costs that a bank does.

They loan your money out and make interest on it like regular banks do; however, there are no retail locations, or tellers, or any of the other costs that banks incur. This results in more money being available at the bottom line.

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