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What Is Airnode?

Airnode, also known as API3’s oracle node, is an oracle node and API blockchain portal that blockchain developers readily deploy as what they can use to engage in the API3 blockchain protocol and put their data feeds on-chain.

The decentralized web, often known as Web 3.0, is the next evolution of the internet. The usage of cryptocurrency fundamentally changes how the world moves assets. Airnode makes it easy to commence using this technology.

Deeper Definition

It is an open-source Web3-API interface that makes it simple to link any web API to a blockchain system. Third-party oracles charge a lot of money to link businesses to the blockchain. Any company may use Airnode to connect directly to blockchain apps while keeping 100% of the income. It’s a free and open-source system that supports a user’s connection to the blockchain under their control at all times.

Airnode isn’t what you’d term a “node,” which is a long-running server-type program.

Instead, it’s a collection of straightforward, solitary functions. These functions work together to provide Airnode its full capability. A primary “principal” function acts as a jumping-off point for various “worker” functions. The principal function runs each minute by default, but any of the other functions can be called whenever (and however) they are required.

These routines offer distinctive separation protection against an extensive range of possible threats in the serverless scenario. For example, if an API response is tremendous (intentionally or not), the entire system may stop or crash due to memory constraints. The significant API response is encapsulated within a single “call API” function on a serverless Airnode that collects and delivers a fundamental result. The crash would be limited to that specific worker function, but the coordination function would be unaffected.

Web3 cybersecurity is based on decentralization, which has created a problem for API developers. Smart contracts can’t connect to APIs that offer you access to real-world data and services. Oracles serve as a link between blockchain networks and reality. Airnode serves as the API economy’s Web3 oracle solution in this game.

It’s a serverless, maintenance-free platform that connects any web API to any blockchain program. The use of a third party in conventional oracles is required, and Airnode does away with the necessity for a third-party middleman.

Airnode Example

For example, a developer set up an airnode as a docker container on his local network, allowing others in his neighborhood to enjoy seemingly seamless access to the internet.

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