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What Is DeFi ?

Decentralized finance is popularly referred to as DeFi. This is an autonomous system that accomplishes everyday financial transactions without a mediator like banks or regulatory bodies.

Deeper Definition

DeFi is a system that allows buyers, sellers, lenders, and borrowers to communicate peer to peer using blockchain-based software.

DeFi, among other things, gives you control and visibility into your finances. It exposes you to global markets and provides you with currency and banking possibilities that are not available in your own country. Customers mainly own and control DeFi equipment, allowing anybody with an internet connection to access financial services. With Defi, you have complete control over your money, where it goes, and how it is utilized.

Financial applications built on blockchain technology, often employing smart contracts, are referred to as DeFi. Smart contracts are enforceable agreements that are automated and can be accessible by anyone with an internet connection. They do not require any middlemen to execute and can be accessed by anyone with an internet connection.

DeFi was created to build an open financial system that eliminates the need to trust and rely on a central authority. By allowing lending and borrowing, DeFi gave finance a new path. Decentralized financing, often known as ‘Open Finance,’ provided crypto investors with chances to earn yearly returns on their investments.

Trading DeFi assets — tokens representing DeFi networks, apps, or protocols – is one approach to invest in DeFi, which often entails buying cheap and selling high. You can also invest in DeFi by participating in;

DeFi yield farming: Yield farmers earn a profit by supplying liquidity to a decentralized exchange in the form of cryptocurrencies. Orders issued by token swappers who pay fees are executed using liquidity. This may be performed automatically using the automated market maker (AMM) protocol, which implements the trades.

DeFi staking: Staking is when users lock or store their cash in a crypto wallet to participate in the functioning of a proof-of-stake-based blockchain system in exchange for a specific interest rate.

DeFi lending: Users may utilize DeFi Lending sites to lend their crypto to others and earn interest on the loan. Both lenders and borrowers can gain from DeFi financing.

DeFi Examples

Cryptocurrencies like Etherium and other decentralized coins.

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