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What Is Delinquent?

The term delinquent describes something inappropriate or illegal in origin or something late. The term “delinquent” is frequently used in commerce to describe someone behind their payments. When an individual is delinquent, they have missed payments on their debt, such as a mortgage or credit card.

Deeper Definition

In the world of finance, delinquent refers to a situation in which a debtor fails to make timely payments or is late on a particular repayment, such as a mortgage, tax, bank loan, or credit card bill.

Being a delinquent can have a variety of effects. The delinquency’s nature will determine the severity of the repercussions, reason, and length. Customers who fail to pay their credit card bill on time will be charged a late fee. When it comes to mortgages, if the debtor cannot complete timely payments, the creditor may file for foreclosure.

The percentage rate of delinquency is employed to illustrate a financial institution’s loan profile. The overall number of overdue loans divided by the number of loans held by a lender gives the delinquency rate. A low delinquency rate indicates that just a few people miss payments, while a high one depicts that many people missed their payments.

When you fail to make your usual monthly bills on your bank card, you become delinquent. Days are usually used to split these periods. If you’re 30 days late on a payment, you’re deemed overdue. However, some creditors wait until you’ve missed 45 or 60 days to record someone as delinquent.

Several delinquencies in succession might cause a debtor to default when applying for a loan.

Delinquent Example

According to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, defaulted student loans in the United States totaled $166 billion in the 4th quarter of 2018. However, according to the bank, student loan delinquency statistics are likely overstated as much by the as half, implying that as of the end of Q4 2018, around $333 billion in student loan debt had not been paid in at least three months.

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