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What Is Flippening?

Flippening refers to the point at which ether overtakes bitcoin in market capitalization. The term “Flippening” refers to the hypothetical moment of Ethereum (ETH) overtaking Bitcoin (BTC) as the biggest cryptocurrency. At 100%, they both have the same market capitalization.

Deeper Definition

Analysts are waiting for the flippening, a fairly ominous-sounding occurrence, as bitcoin lingers at record highs, bringing the entirety of the cryptocurrency complex higher with it. The phrase refers to the possible moment when ether, the ethereum network’s native token, surpasses bitcoin in market value to become the most valuable cryptocurrency. Due to the obvious severity of the bitcoin dip in 2017, the word was created informally, which encouraged ethereum enthusiasts to be on alert and profit on the one event that occurred to BTC.

A crypto-market currency’s capitalization (market cap) is casually defined as its circulating supply scaled by its current market price (although other definitions exclude lost coins or tokens). Bitcoin is now the most valuable cryptocurrency, followed by Ethereum.

Although Bitcoin has always been the most valuable cryptocurrency in terms of market value, its market share has dwindled in recent years, especially. Many Ethereum enthusiasts were hoping for the Flippening to happen at those times. Speculators predicted that Ethereum’s increased flexibility and capacity to build smart contracts would drive it ahead of Bitcoin in these rankings, but the Flippening never happened. Both Bitcoin and ethereum have never been steady; fluctuation impacts traders, whether large or little; perhaps, stability will remain for a long time.

Flippening Example

Rachel has always traded bitcoin, but she has lately been acquainted with Ethereum. She bought the coin to avoid putting all her eggs in one basket, and months later, and she lost 55% of her investment, but she was relieved that the value of her Ethereum had grown. She experienced a successful flippened on BTC, which relieved her loss.

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