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What Is A Fork?

In the blockchain, a fork is defined variously as what happens when a blockchain diverges into two potential paths forward, a change in protocol or a situation that “occurs when two or more blocks have the same block height.

Deeper Definition

When the software of various miners goes out of sync, forks occur, and there might be periods of higher price volatility as a result. The miners must choose which blockchain to use in the future. If there isn’t a majority conclusion, two blockchain copies may be created. It occurred when two coins failed to reach a trading agreement.

The most common method for producing new coins is to start from scratch. Alternatively, you may ‘fork’ an existing cryptocurrency blockchain. Forks function by making modifications to the blockchain’s software protocol, which are frequently related to creating new tokens.

The most popular way is to create fresh tokens from scratch. This approach entails copying and pasting existing code into a new token, which is then changed and launched. The network must be built from the ground up, and individuals must be persuaded to utilize the new coin. Litecoin, which began as a bitcoin clone, is an example of this strategy. People were persuaded by the creators’ adjustments to the code, which has become a popular cryptocurrency.

Instead of beginning from scratch, the alternate approach of forking an existing blockchain involves making changes to the existing blockchain. As the network divides in this instance, two blockchain copies are formed. The emergence of bitcoin cash is a prime illustration of this. Different perspectives on bitcoin’s future led to creating a new cryptocurrency (bitcoin cash) from the original cryptocurrency (bitcoin).

Fork Example

Harry is a Bitcoin and Ethereum trader who uses an app to exchange the two coins whenever he needs to. Due to accusations of inconsistency, Ethereum had to improve its system; they had to fork every other currency since they were all in disagreement, each coin for itself. Even with the gas price hike, Harry was severely impacted, losing hundreds of dollars.

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