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What Is FUD?

The system of FUD is a strategy to influence the perception of certain cryptocurrencies or the cryptocurrency market in general by spreading negative, misleading, or false information. FUD is sometimes a word used by the crypto community to describe the skepticism of cryptocurrency that is temporarily bearish for the inevitable crypto market.

Deeper Definition

Many crypto enthusiasts will use the term to describe anything that opposes bitcoin or crypto. They will sometimes dismiss those cynical of cryptocurrency as shills spreading FUD; these people are called FUDsters.

FUDsters are the opposite of laser-eyed Bitcoin and crypto Twitter advocates. These perceived antagonists and alleged crypto naysayers include personalities like Warren Buffet, economist Paul Krugman, and occasionally Elon Musk (although he has had a love/hate relationship with crypto). It’s funny how the millionaires are FUDsters, one of the reasons the FUD has an increasing economy on Twitter.

The FUD meaning encompasses all talking points from crypto non-believers. These topics include some traditional economists and politicians; some countries even banned the exchange.

Some FUD statements may include:

  •  Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are valueless
  •  Cryptocurrencies enable crime and cyber attacks
  •  Cryptocurrency mining is harming the environment
  •  Governments will soon ban bitcoin and crypto
  •  Bitcoin is the biggest Ponzi scheme of all time
  •  Cryptocurrency is getting devalued.

This community of people is growing in numbers, and somehow their claims are right but not completely. The way cryptocurrencies rise can raise questions, but every business has its risks.

FUD is an obscure term, but its meaning is generally descriptive of derogatory derailments surrounding the topic of cryptocurrency. The term is widely embraced on mediums like Reddit, Twitter, and Discord that support the crypto community. Crypto enthusiasts often dismiss these topics as debunked, inconsequential, or downright propaganda from government entities.

 FUD Example

Before George decides to make bitcoin investments, his FUD leanings come to bear, and his hesitation hinders him from investing in the high-yield cryptocurrency, which backfired in that the prices hit an all-time high not long after, and he could very easily have milked the situation.

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