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Master-Planned Community

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What Is A Master-Planned Community?

A Master-planned community is a residential neighborhood that has been carefully planned from its inception. Typically, it is constructed on undeveloped land and offers an escape from the congestion, pollution, and crime associated with urban areas.

Deeper Definition 

Master-planned communities are created to serve as an escape from the haphazard growth of urban areas. A  master-planned community may occupy 10,000 acres or greater in size. They are carefully planned communities with clear boundaries, often designed with security and leisure in mind. 

Many of these communities are constructed in a way that residents may not need to contact the outside world for necessities. They may offer residents access to recreational facilities, such as swimming pools, parks, or restaurants. Commercial centers,  such as malls, banks, office space, or stores are common. Educational facilities, such as libraries, neighborhood daycare centers, and schools are also available.

Master-planned communities are usually characterized by consistent design patterns and styles. For instance, you may find several houses of the same size, design, and price. That is because they are developed by a single developer. However, a developer may choose to contract some areas of the community to other developers to offer potential residents a variety of homes to choose from.

The development idea of a master-planned community may go this way: a developer acquires a massive plot of land, sells some portion of it to residential builders. It may also sell some to commercial developers to build out the community over time.

Master-Planned Community Example

An example of a master-planned community is Celebration in Florida. The community was originally founded by The Walt Disney Company in the mid-‘90s. It boasts of a diverse mix of housing, shops, and restaurants.

Another example is Irvine in California. It is a community that prides itself as the safest city in America. It has some of the best shopping malls, restaurants, and outdoor recreational facilities in Orange County.

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