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What Is Metaverse?

A metaverse is a loop of the internet idealized to break the limitations of a persistent online 3D virtual environment by using virtual and reality headsets and traditional personal computing.

Deeper Definition

Metaverse has been in existence for a while, from the use of MUDs and MOOs in 1978 to the latest development- the transformation of “Facebook, Inc.” to “Meta Platforms” as announced by its chairman Mark Zuckerberg. The company’s commitment also changed into the creation of a metaverse ecosystem. There has been so much attention to the metaverse idea recently. South Korea, one of the leading industrialized nations globally, has recently signaled the intention to have a national metaverse. This makes them one of the top nations to adopt this tech. Microsoft also announced Microsoft Mesh as a mixed reality software creating virtual presences through Microsoft devices.

There are many technical limitations regarding the creation and use of metaverse spaces. These limitations stem from the absolute dependence of metaverse on VR technologies. Presently, several companies in technology and entertainment are performing and funding different research to address these limitations of metaverse spaces. Some have also opposed the attention placed on the development and use of metaverse spaces. Some have described the idea of metaverse as overhyped, and some have also shown concerns on the high tendencies of metaverses to be highly addictive.

The metaverse is a digital reality that allows social media users, online games, etc., to interact virtually. A virtual environment is essentially the access point to the metaverse. The limitations due to the cost-design balance of VR technology is one of the most significant limitations of the metaverse. VR technologies with high-quality graphics are heavyweight and not easily movable. Many conventional computers are incapable of using VR machines.

Metaverse Example

To enable interaction between different Metaverse spaces, common standards and interfaces must be created. Various groups and companies are collaborating to develop these necessary standards and interfaces, including OpenXr by Khronos Group, Virtual Worlds by IEEE, and Open Source Metaverse Project.

Metaverse is developing technology with a lot of prospects. With the recent interest shown by Mark Zuckerberg, It is expected that the metaverse will be widely used in the future.

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