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Punch List

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What Is A Punch List?

A punch list is a document created in the final stages of a construction project. It highlights minor issues that a contractor must address before a project is deemed complete.

Deeper Definition

A punch list is a kind of to-do list that identifies parts of a project that need fixing. Essentially, it shows work that still needs to be rectified on a construction project.

Punch lists typically contain only minor fixes because they are made only when the project is nearly finished. It may include damages to other materials during construction, incorrect installations, or current aspects of the project that do not work as promised.

Usually, the list is created by the project’s owner, architect, and general contractor. It is usually done while they walk through and visually inspect the project. For instance, a general contractor taking a tour of the site of a project may notice a defect. They will document it immediately so that concerned workers would fix it later.

A project doesn’t need to have a punch list. However, because, for the most part, it helps ensure that a project is free of defects, a project owner may create it or insist that the general contractor makes it. Usually, the list creation begins toward the end of a project.

To be effective, transparent, and consistent communication must exist between the general contractor, specialty contractors, and owner. Today, there is software that helps manage a punch list and update it in real-time.

Punch List Example

An owner of a new hotel under construction visits the project site for inspection. Everything appears to be working fine except that a light bulb in a room is not coming on. The owner notes down this issue and communicates it to the general contractor. Electricians come in, rectify the matter before the project hand over to the owner.

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