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11 Surprising Ways To Easily Reduce Your Energy Bills



reduce your energy bills

Did you know that the average monthly cost of electricity is $117 in the US? Depending on the state you live in, the two main aspects that send your energy bill skyrocketing are using air conditioning in the summer and heating in the winter. While it’s not always practical to reduce your use of AC or heating, there are a few other ways to reduce your energy bills which may surprise you. Here, we share our top 11 energy saving tips to start saving money on your electricity bill.

Adjust Your Thermostat

Changing your thermostat can have a significant impact on your overall electricity bill. Ideally, you should set your thermostat as low as you can to feel comfortable in the colder months. In summer, the US Department of Energy suggests setting your air conditioner at 78°. Depending on what temperature you’re used to, this may make your home feel warmer than normal. If so, gradually alter your thermostat by one or two degrees at a time until you get as close to the recommended temperature.

Use Fans to Keep Cool

Using fans to keep cool in the heat can help you to adjust your thermostat. Only use fans in rooms that you occupy the most as this won’t help you to reduce your energy bills otherwise. You could even use a programmable thermostat to use less electricity while you’re at work or asleep.

Unplug Any Unused Electrical Devices

When electrical devices are plugged in, they still use power. Even switching them off can still increase your energy bills, especially if they’re on standby mode. Unplug anything you’re not using. You should also switch off any lights when you’re not in a room too!

Wash Full Loads of Laundry and Dishes

Washing machines and dishwashers are highly convenient, particularly when you have children or there are several family members in one house. However, you can easily cut your energy costs by using them less. Consider washing only full loads of laundry or dishes to reduce the number of times you use them. Additionally, you can air dry your dishes and clothes rather than using the drying function on your dishwasher and machine.

Keep Your Windows and Doors Closed

Whether you’re heating or cooling your home, leaving windows and doors open wastes energy as you’re allowing warm or cold air to escape. That also means you’re more likely to alter your thermostat, helping to increase your electricity bill. If you’re using your AC or heater, keep your windows and doors closed to keep the air inside your home. It’s also ideal to close the door to the room you’re in as this will keep the room temperature at optimal level.

Seal Your Home

Air leaks are one of the main ways you’re wasting energy and spending more than you need on your energy bills. An easy way to make your home as energy efficient as possible is to use weather strips on cracks, openings, and seams, especially around windows and doors. You can also check your insulation for any leaks, filling gaps with expanding seal foam.

Take Cool, Short Showers in Summer

Rather than having baths, take short, cool showers in summer and short, warm showers in winter. Decreasing the time you spend in the shower by just two minutes helps you to save five gallons of water on average. In turn, this reduces your energy bills as you’re heating up less water.

Use A Bill Negotiation App

A bill negotiation app, such as Billshark, helps to lower your utility bills to give you the best rates possible. Billshark can reduce your energy bills by up to 25%, and they do all the negotiations risk-free. You only pay a one-time fee of 40% of any savings you make with the platform. That means if they can’t save you money, you don’t pay anything. As trying to find the best utility providers can be time-consuming, using a stress-free approach like Billshark is handy. Additionally, you can track any subscriptions you have with the app, potentially saving you more money.

Maintain Your Heating and Cooling Systems

Maintaining your heating and cooling systems ensures they’re running correctly and at optimal level. You should clean and replace AC air filters regularly, as well as eliminating any trapped air from radiators a couple of times per year.

Add Shade from Your Garden

Your garden is the perfect place to add shade to cool your home, helping you to reduce your energy bills in the process. Positioning your trees to deliver shade, using planters with climbing vines, and planting shrubs, can provide adequate shade for your home. Trees can reduce energy consumption by up to 25%, drastically reducing your bills.

Replace Your Lightbulbs

While energy-saving light bulbs tend to be more expensive to purchase than traditional incandescent bulbs, they use up to 80% less energy and last up to 25 times longer. Switching all your bulbs to the energy-saving variety can have a major impact on your energy bills, saving you money in the long run.

Reduce Your Energy Bills with Our Helpful Money Saving Tips

Now you’ve read our helpful money saving tips you can make a start on reducing your energy bills. Begin with the easiest method for you and your family. Remember, taking small steps towards saving energy really does help to reduce your energy bills significantly. However, if you want to implement savings immediately, switching providers is the quickest way to save money.

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