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12 Subtle Signs Of Wealth That You May Not Notice



Subtle signs someone is rich and wealthy

Except for some, most people who have a lot of money don’t just come right out and say it. No, if someone is wealthy, they usually keep it to themselves. Remember, it’s usually very bad to let the world know just how much money you have.

However, the truth is that there are other ways for you to tell if someone is secretly rich. Some subtle clues and hints and signs will suggest that someone has a lot of money in their bank account – even if they don’t want to come out and state.

Instead of walking up to someone and asking them if you’re loaded, you should look out for these subtle signs instead. They are some of the most surefire ways to guarantee that the person you’re around carrying a lot of cash value with them.

What is Wealth?

Being wealthy means having enough money to cover your necessities and avoiding working if you don’t have to. It’s all about accumulating assets and putting your money to good use. To put it another way, it possesses a sizable net worth.

Wealthy individuals don’t always have the most up-to-date electronics or automobiles, and they don’t always throw elaborate parties. They do, however, have a large number of assets, including real estate, investments, and cash.


If your monthly costs are $5,000 and you have $30,000 in savings, you have about six months’ worth of wealth. You will be affluent if you invest that $30,000 and earn $5,000 each month in investment income.

Wealth Is About A Mindset

It takes more than a large wallet full of cash to be wealthy. Many people agree that the foundation of wealth is about a positive outlook and a mindset focused on saving money and being smart, and planning for your future. This mindset will then translate into actions such as saving a percentage of your salary, working toward debt elimination, and starting to invest early and regularly.

If you want to be wealthy, you must constantly consider your long-term objectives. Do you wish to retire sooner rather than later? Do you own a few properties? Travel? Don’t simply concentrate on your income when thinking about wealth; consider building up your investments and assets to last you a few lives.

happy person

Being wealthy is about being smart about your money and positive about your outlook on life, your potential, and your future.

12 Subtle Signs Of Wealth That You May Not Notice

Say you’re becoming friends with someone or starting a romantic relationship with them, and you’re curious about their financial well-being. Maybe you’re even starting to suspect they might have a good amount of money saved in their bank account.

How can you tell, aside from coming straight out and asking? What are some good signs that are maybe a bit subtle and maybe less obvious that suggest someone is doing well with their money?

There are many things to look for that flow below the radar and indicate that someone is wealthy – or soon will be. This is what you should be looking out for.

They Have High-Quality Tastes

A legitimately affluent individual, as opposed to someone who just wants to be, has excellent taste in material possessions. Generally speaking, they are aficionados of the greatest tastes in foods and beverages, music, movies, books, philosophies, holiday places, organizations, associations, and such things as these.


In most cases, they are always a step or two ahead of the rest of the pack. You will discover that their tastes in items are very different from others. You can tell how affluent someone is only by looking at their attire and other belongings that they are wearing or employing.

For example, the quality of a watch might reveal all you need to know about one’s financial condition. This is since most individuals spend more money on their accessories, such as handbags, than they do on the rest of their clothing.

They Don’t Go Overboard With Credit Cards

When it comes to being genuinely wealthy, one thing that truly wealthy people do not do is flaunt their credit card like a kid who is blazing through an allowance their parents gave them. When it comes to making optional purchases, they are cautious about using their credit cards since they are fully aware of the ability of debt to sink you like a stone.

Wealthy people often don’t get there without money-saving skills, so they are not the first to go crazy with their credit cards.

Those who flaunt their wealth often do nothing more than boast to the world about how far they have fallen behind on their credit card bills.

Credit card

In other words, the reality is that the more individuals attempt to flaunt their money, the more probable it is that they are spending over their means and incurring massive credit card debt.

Really affluent people strive to find the greatest amount of value possible because they have greater respect for a dollar acquired. They know that you need to be smart about your money or won’t have any.

Anyone privately wealthy and utilizes their credit card for critical business transactions and long-term purchases to earn valuable points or incentives such as air travel, consumer items, and cash rebates is the lone exception to this rule.

They Don’t Talk About Their Money

Those who are secretly wealthy are less flashy. When someone does not want to flaunt their riches, there is a subtle method to detect whether they are wealthy.

It’s not about what they say. It’s more about what they buy and wear.

Look for someone who seems to be wearing comfortable clothing, shoes, and accessories. Forget about what’s the shiniest or has a brand name emblazoned on it.

smart guy

Look for someone whose clothing seems to be quite comfy and well-fitting. Rich individuals secretly value utility and comfort considerably more than impressing others in public.

So seek loafers that make them feel like they’re walking on clouds and well-worn chinos with the perfect drape. That is a subtle sign of being genuinely rich.

They Save and Invest

Secretly and discreetly, wealthy people recognize the importance of putting their money to work. The invisibly affluent understand compounding and how money may increase over time, whether via retirement plans like 401(k)s, IRAs, 529 college savings programs, or any other kind of savings plan.

People who are rich but aren’t showing it off know that they need to save their money and invest it if they hope to make it last. They know that money you will accumulate overtime for the future is sometimes more valuable than the money you have in your pocket right now.

investment fund

Compounding interest, or interest earned on interest, is a powerful tool for building wealth. If you haven’t yet started contributing to a company retirement plan or an IRA, you should think about how that will fit into your budget.

If you want to determine if someone is secretly wealthy, you should look at how they spend their money and what they invest in.

They Have Good Insurance

Any adult knows that good insurance is an important thing to have and a sign that you take your life seriously and look out for your health.

It’s also a sign that you might be dealing with a subtlely, secretly wealthy person.


The exceedingly wealthy think that the expense of insurance is justified to safeguard their assets and loved ones, whether it’s home insurance or life insurance, the invisible affluent value safeguarding themselves and their families against unanticipated events.

When you think about it, insurance is an investment in the future, and, as stated before, people who are subtlely rich like to invest and save money, so insurance is just one way they are getting the best value out of something over time.

They Avoid Debt

The secretly affluent are committed to repaying their debts. They don’t let their credit card balances build up and prefer to pay their expenses as they come in. It’s always better to pay now than to pay later. Why hold onto debt when you have the means to get rid of it now?

How do they do this? What are their routes to ensuring they don’t have any unnecessary debt hanging over their heads? Typically, they consider strategies to lower debt, or at the very least, make it less costly.

Debt credit

For example, refinancing student loans may lower monthly payments. Transferring credit card balances to a new card with a 0% APR might help the pay off debt more quickly. There are just two things to look for when trying to tell if someone is lowkey wealthy.

If they are doing these things, it’s a good indicator of saving – and accumulating – money.

They Hold Onto What They Have

The secretly wealthy do not need the most up-to-date automobile model, nor do they require a home with a long-term mortgage. The subtly affluent seek automobiles with reasonable loan payments and residences priced at a level that will not leave them homeless.

Buying the latest and greatest when it comes to homes and cars means accruing more debt and taking out from your bottom line. Why do that when you can use what you have?


If you are trying to determine if someone is secretly wealthy, look at how long they keep their goods for. No, they’re not going to be still driving a car from the 80s, but they probably won’t constantly be cashing in their latest automobile for a new one. They are smart about their money, which relates to how long they keep their goods.

They Keep Learning

The invisibly wealthy understand that the finest investment they can make is in their education. After all, information is power, and having more knowledge might lead to a higher salary in the future. The invisible affluent use every chance to learn new things.

They investigate strategies to increase their financial knowledge if it is weak. Reading personal finance books, attending online seminars or webinars, and reading personal finance websites all help people improve their financial knowledge and, as a result, earn more money and save it for the future.

online learning

Knowledge is power, and everyone knows that. And those who are rich but don’t broadcast it to the world know that if they are always students of the world, they will consistently find new ways to invest, save, and make money.

They Don’t Spend Beyond Their Means

Those who hide their money do not have to strain financially. They don’t strive to keep up with the Joneses and purchase what they can afford. If you want to find someone secretly wealthy, search for someone who does not live a lavish lifestyle or lives over their means.


Getting a strong grip on budgets and expenditures is the first step in not living over one’s means. Keeping track of spending will help anyone figure out where their money is going so you can learn to live within your means.

Once you’ve mastered budgeting and spending, the aim is to avoid going overboard and succumbing to the allure of continually purchasing the newest, greatest, and flashiest stuff.

They Look For New Opportunities

Some of the wealthiest people in the world get that way because they are willing to take risks with their cash and put it into something that will turn a massive profit. Again and again, the most successful business people have proven to be the ones who invest wisely in new, up-and-coming concepts and businesses.

If you’re hanging out with someone who may or may not be subtlely rich, you need to look at what sort of financial opportunities they are a part of. Are they buying into cryptocurrencies? Are they investing in certain stocks on Wall Street? Are they following the latest business headlines and keeping tabs on who is up and down and what new companies are making waves?

These are all quiet, realistic signs that someone is smart with their money and may have a lot of it.

interview practice

New opportunities often mean serious risk too. Some wealthy people but not showing it off, have probably had their few shares of hard knocks and rough and tumble times with their money. But often, through adversaries, people can learn where they went wrong and what not to repeat.

If they are smart, they will take that learning experience and only grow and make better with their choices in the future and hopefully create a strong financial future because of it.

So it would help if you looked for people who are eager for new opportunities but are realistic about them. These are signs that someone has a secretly large bank account.

They Are Already Thinking of Retirement

The sad truth is that a retirement plan is unusual among the poor, who sometimes do not have enough money for food at present, much alone the means to save for their retirement.

Things like retirement and insurance plans are laborious and unpleasant for many and just downright impossible to achieve. This is not the case, however, for the rich people.

retirement fund

Having a retirement fund that is only building over time is not the flashiest way to spend your money, but it’s a pretty reliable sign that someone has wealth and is smart with their money.

They Carry Themselves Well

The majority of rich individuals do not have weird looks or lack confidence. They maintain a sense of respect for themselves that others can feel. They don’t have to say, “I like who I am”, but their actions, attitude, and vibe give that off.

start a business

Those who are secretly rich are respected by themselves, and they take steps to position themselves in a manner that garners the respect of others. Legitimately rich people do not behave in a snobbish or obnoxious way. They have a sophisticated appearance in all they do. They move with a delicacy and elegance that others admire and aspire to.


Everyone wants to be wealthy, but they don’t always know the best approach to garnering wealth. However, you might know a wealthy person right now who can teach you the ropes and what to do – they just might be boasting about the money they own.

Many people out there are doing well financially but don’t broadcast it to the world. Being rich and being subtle about it is a smart way to keep your money and keep your modesty.

When making new friends or relationships, look to those signs we listed to determine if the person you’re getting to know is secretly wealthy. Once you determine if they are or not, make sure you are subtle about it too.

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