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How To Make Candles To Sell From Home



How to make candles at home to sell

Selling from home has become easier than ever with all the technology we have available today. One of the most popular items that people buy online is the candle. If you can create a unique look and smell, people out there will hand you money. All you need to do is create your masterpieces and make them look beautiful.

We’re here to help! Read to learn how you can make candles at home to sell to the outside world. It can take a little time to become comfortable with the candle-making process, but once you have it down, you can experiment. Making candles is both fun and profitable if you know what you’re doing!

Perform Market Research

Before you dive into your candle-making, you need to know more about the industry that you’re getting into with your art. Once you grasp the competition and general likes of your consumers, you can pick a candle-making style that you not only love but will sell on the market as soon as you post it to your shop.

A few questions you might ask yourself when exploring include:

  • What does the competition look like? How much do they make?
  • What candles do consumers seem to flock towards?
  • How much are other candle-makers charging for their candles?
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All of these will help you make the correct selections for your candles.

Of course, a lot of opening a new business is trial and error. You will put up some candles that won’t sell and some that will sell immediately. However, market research can give you a head start on what to expect with competition and the consumers you’re catering to with your candles.

Purchase Your Candle-Making Supplies

Once you have a solid idea of the candle market, you’ll need to purchase supplies. It may be pricey to invest in everything right away, but this deficit will quickly fade away once your creations start selling. There are a few crucial elements that every candle-maker should have on hand at all times.

Some of the supplies you should purchase include:

  • Pot: A pot is for melting the wax.
  • Hot plate: A hot plate melts the wax inside the pot.
  • Wax: Wax is the core aspect of a candle.
  • Wick: A wick allows the candle to burn.
  • Container: This container houses the candle.
  • Fragrance: Fragrance fills any room the candle burns inside.
  • Color: Color is optional but can add personality to a candle.
  • Stick: A stick will help you stir the wax to perfection.

All of these are necessary for candle-making. It might seem like a lot, but they’ll all come in handy.

There are many excellent stores you can visit in person to buy supplies, such as Hobby Lobby. Or, you can go with an online method. You can go mainstream with a company like Amazon or give funds to smaller candle shops that supply you with what you need.

Measure the Wax

Once you have the wax you’re using to make the candle; you need to measure it. This action can happen on a small scale, and it’s especially vital to measure if you’re making more than one candle at once. To calculate the amount, multiply the amount your container can hold by the candles you’re making, then divide by twenty.

Measuring the wax for your candles is also vital because:

  • It can help you get better at the measurement process
  • It allows for accuracy when you’re making candles
  • It prevents waste from happening if you’re making more than one candle

Measuring your wax is always the first step you should take when moving forward with your candle.

If you want to have an excellent business, accuracy is vital. If you use the same container, you can ensure you have the same amount of wax inside every single time. People will appreciate receiving the same-sized candle every time, especially if the price doesn’t fluctuate.

Melt the Wax

Now that you have your measured candle wax, it’s time to melt it down. This process is simple, but you’ll need to be careful since you’re going to be around a heater. Wear protection on your hands, and ensure your hair is tied up. You don’t want to get any hair or extremities inside the melting wax.

To melt the wax for your candle, you should:

  • Add the wax to the pot a little bit at a time
  • Stir the wax as it melts inside the pot, slowly adding heat
  • Watch until the wax is completely melted inside the container

This process will ensure that all wax melts and breaks down, ideal for your candle pour.

It’s critical to ensure that the wax doesn’t harden before you can get it out of the pot. Have everything out ahead of time so you can add it in before things start to solidify. Keep a small amount of heat until the time comes to pour, but take care that you don’t forget about the heat and burn yourself as you prepare the final product.

Additional Options

Once the wax melts, there are some additions you can add before the product hardens. These are some of the things that make your candle distinct. Once you’ve added the extras, you can experiment and see what kind of candles you can make with the supplies you have. The world is your oyster.

Two of the main additions you can put inside your candles include:

  • Scents, which are what rises to the surface when a candle is lit and burns
  • Color, which can draw the eye to the candle and allow it to blend in with any atmosphere

These can take your candles to the next level, providing an atmosphere for those who invest in your pieces.

Below, we’ll talk a little more about the scents and colors you can add to your candles. Even though they’re not necessary, the scents and colors can make your pieces stand out from the rest of the candles for sale on the market. It would help if you had everything you can to draw customers’ eyes to your candles, rather than others. The prettier it looks and smells, the better.

Add Scents

Scents are the most critical part of a candle. It can look pretty, but what about the scent? That’s what people purchase a candle for in the first place. If your piece cannot fill a room with the scent it gives off; it’s going to be tricky for you to sell your candles and keep your business going.

Some of the most popular genres of scents you can select from include:

  • Spiced, which includes smells like cinnamon and other spices
  • Sweet, which includes smells like vanilla and apple
  • Floral, which includes smells like rose and cherry blossom

It would help if you tried to make scents in all of these varieties so that you can appeal to a broad range of customers.

When you first start making candles, likely, you won’t get it right on the first try. You can experiment with the amount you put inside, and you can mix and match flavors to see which ones pair well together inside a candle if you want to. This work is how you discover what defines you as a candle-maker.

Select Colors

Although many candles decide to stick with an all-white tone, there’s just something about colored candles that draws the eye. If you want to put color in your candle, this is the time to do so. Make sure you’ve selected your colors ahead of time so you can have a game plan as you finish up with the candle process.

Some of the colors you can choose for your homemade candles include:

  • Blue, which is a calming color
  • Red, which is symbolic of love and romance
  • Green, which is an indication of prosperity and good luck for what is to come

Any of these colors, and those not mentioned, will give a certain tone to your candles. It would help if you did a little research to pick the best option for your aesthetic.

Together, colors and scents work to create an atmosphere within whatever space it’s placed inside. Many don’t think about these aspects of a candle which can help you stand apart from the rest.

Put the Wick Inside

Next, you need to put the wick inside the container. Wicks go in the center of a candle, so you need to position it just so. The wick should be long enough that you can position it against the walls of your container, so it has the support it needs. There are also wick holders you can get to keep everything in place as you work.

Once the wick is positioned, it needs to stay for the best candle at the end of the process. Remember that you may need to adjust the wick as you pour the wax so that it’s as centrally located as possible. The candle will burn unevenly, and wax will waste away on the sides if it’s off to the side.

Pour the Wax

Once the wick is in place, it’s time to pour the wax. This step is the most critical when it comes to candle-making, and it will determine the overall shape of the candle. It may take a couple of times to perfect this art of candle-making, but it’s not too hard to learn.

When pouring the wax, ensure the pot is right over the top of the container. Use gloves to keep your hands safe, and pour the wax into the container. Adjust the wick before the wax cools for the best final product. You can use the stick to scrape out the rest of the pot.

Cut the Wick

Once the wax is inside the candle and it’s hardened, the wick will likely be too long to burn. To perfect your candle, you need to trim the wick so it can burn properly. This step is easy to complete.

To trim the wick, you should do the following:

  • Find a pair of scissors that will make a thorough slice
  • Trim the wick to an appropriate size
  • Clean up loose excess on the candle

After this, your wick should be at the proper size for burning. A little less than an inch will work well, and customers will trim them further when they take them home.

Now, all that’s left is to add a personal touch, and then you’ll have mastered how to make candles at home to sell.

Add Additional Decor

The final step in understanding how to make candles to sell is to add any extra decor to the candle. These items include packaging, ribbons, and other pretty pieces that will set your work apart from others on the market. Here’s the time to get creative and show the world what you’ve got.

When adding decor, it’s vital to remember that the candle will get hot. Make sure your additions won’t catch fire when the candle burns. Once you’ve finished the decorations, you’re ready to post your candles on a site and sell them to others. Make sure you take beautiful pictures that capture all of the hard work you put into them.

Closing Thoughts on Making & Selling Candles

Making candles is a relaxing process, and it can also be a profitable one. With all of the access to technology we have today, you can easily make and sell your candle creations right from your home. With the steps above, you can create and decorate candles that people will flock to from far and wide.

We hope that these steps can help you on your candle-making journey. Although it’s not a tricky process, it does take a little bit of time to get used to it. With practice, your candle business will be well underway and flourishing like never before. You should have no trouble at all once you get in the swing of things!

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