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How To Sell Fast On Poshmark: 10 Quick Tips



How to sell on poshmark fast

As time goes by you, buy new clothes, and you don’t know what to do with the old ones. They sit there in your closet, gathering dust until you forget about them. One day you find it and decide to donate it or use it as an old rag, and it loses all its value.

What if you could take advantage of it when it is still useful and sell it quickly and easily? Those sneakers that you won’t use anymore but are still good could be a treasure for someone else.

Plus, you’d make a little money from something you won’t use anymore. While this sounds like a win-win, there’s a problem…finding a buyer usually takes time that some of us don’t have.

Luckily, there are platforms like Poshmark. This app works as a Marketplace for new and used clothing, jewelry, or home decor items. Poshmark works with many of the world’s top beauty brands, and you can find some real bargains through this app.

In this article, we’ll show you how to sell on Poshmark fast so you can turn those clothes you no longer wear into cash. Here are 10 Tips to make your posts sell faster!

What is Poshmark?

Poshmark is a Marketplace-like platform where you can share the clothes you no longer wear and put them up for sale quickly. It operates in the United States, Canada, Australia, and India, with more than 80 million users.

The app works with many brands worldwide, such as Nike, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel, with more than 200 million products for sale. This has made it extremely popular among all kinds of fashionistas out there.

poshmark logo

Poshmark was founded in March 2011 in California by Manish Chandra, Tracy Sun, Gautam Golwala, and Chetan Pulgaliya. All of them had over 10 years of internet marketing and sales experience before founding Poshmark.

In addition, last March, they completed another 10 years at the helm of Poshmark, making it the leading app in terms of online used clothing sales.

How to sell on Poshmark?

Although later we will give you some tips on how to sell on Poshmark faster, you must know how the process works. Let’s see how to make your first sale!

Install The App

To get started, you must have the app installed on your cell phone. You can also access Poshmark its official website. If you choose to use the app, you can be found on both Android and iOS. It is completely free on both platforms!

Create An Account

There are three easy ways to access Poshmark:

  • Sign in with your Facebook account
  • Sign in with your Google account
  • Register with your email in the application.
poshmark site and app

In this step, you must clarify which country you are in when using it instead of your native country. By doing so, you can ensure that you have the right options for your current location. You can also enter your referral code in case you have one to get exclusive advantages.

List your object

Take a picture of what you want to sell and add it to your closet. This is extremely important and takes less than 60 seconds. After all, it is all about fashion!

Share it

Share what you have listed in your closet so buyers can discover it. The more exposure your clothing items have, the more likely they are to be purchased!

Get paid

When you make your first sale, Poshmark will help you ship the product and ensure it gets to the buyer. Once the buyer receives it, you’ll get paid. It is that simple!

What Other Features Does Poshmark Offer?

Poshmark will help you do everything faster and easier whether you want to buy or sell. To do this, in addition to offering this Marketplace, it offers multiple features. These ensure that you can do so much with Poshmark than just selling clothes online in a boring manner. Let’s take a look at some of these features!

Posh Parties

Posh Parties are virtual buying and selling events with several people participating in them. With this feature, friends or strangers can join events where products are offered to many people.


These parties will take place around a major category such as “maternity wear” or “beauty care and grooming”. Multiple hosts can participate, which makes them especially useful to reach a wider audience!

Posh Posts

Every time you make a sale, Poshmark will provide you with a label with all the buyer’s data. This way, you don’t have to fill out anything or worry about any paperwork. All you have to do is pack whatever you are selling and take it to the USPS mailbox.

Poshmark also offers you the possibility of having someone pick it up at your house and do the shipping for you. While this might be slightly slower than just sending it yourself, it is extremely convenient. Which option works better for you will depend on your preferences!

Posh Protect

Poshmark is a place for official stores and people who want to sell the fashion items they no longer use. This opens up room for potential scammers and people who cheat other users. Poshmark is concerned about this and takes very good security measures to prevent this. This feature is one of them!

Once you receive a product, you have 3 days to confirm that you have received exactly what you ordered. If you do not confirm this, the money will never be sent to the seller. If this happens, Poshmark will take care of giving you the information to return the defective product and refund your money.

While you cannot return a product because you regret it once it arrives or you ordered it in the wrong size, you can return it for the following reasons:

  • The product arrived broken
  • You did not receive the product, or it is incorrect
  • The item is not the same as described in the publication.
  • The item is a fake

Buying or selling online shouldn’t be a gamble. After all, if you don’t receive your part of the deal, why would you use such a service?

As we are focusing on selling, let us be clear: Poshmark also takes care of its sellers. In case a buyer submits incorrect information, Poshmark will make a review to ensure they are not trying to scam you!

Posh Authenticate

Poshmark offers this service where if you purchase over $500, it will verify that the item is legitimate. A group of specialists will thoroughly check the product to verify that it is legitimate and you are not a scammer. Once they check it, they will repackage it, and it will be shipped to your home.

posh authenticate

This is essentially useful in case you buy items like designer clothes, luxury furniture, or hardware. Since it is difficult to verify it on your own and counterfeits are an increasingly attractive business for scammers. Well, you won’t be affected by it on Poshmark’s watch!

10 Quick tips for selling your items faster

Now that we’ve seen what Poshmark is and how to use it let’s talk about what brings us to this article. How to sell on Poshmark fast?

Using this platform is very useful, but if you don’t know how to advertise your items correctly, you will have a hard time selling them. Here are some tips for you to keep in mind when making your first sale. If you have been selling for a while, maybe some tips will help you sell on Poshmark faster!

Tip 1: Be Friendly

In addition to being a Marketplace, Poshmark is a community. It is important that when you interact with potential buyers, be respectful and kind.

To create an environment where buying and selling is a pleasant experience for everyone, you must help make it happen. Creating this respectful and friendly environment will make your experience a great one and will get you connected with more buyers in the long run.

Tip 2: Be yourself

When promoting your products, it’s important to be like you are in real life. Avoid being annoying, spamming, creating uncomfortable situations with other users.

If you maintain a good image while being honest with your future buyers, this will favor you in making sales. Earn the good consideration of the other members of the community!

Tip 3: Contact Customer Support If Needed

In case a problem occurs, don’t hesitate to contact the customer support team. Sometimes it is better to let them solve a problem rather than trying to do it yourself. It is not unusual for users to make a problem worse by trying to be “self-sufficient”.

If you try to fix problems by ignoring Poshmark’s rules, you will not be well regarded by the other users in the community. This will impact your image and, therefore, your future sales. As such, contacting Poshmark’s customer support will help you a lot.

Tip 4: Sell Items Poshmark Is Intended to Help You Sell

Maybe this tip is very obvious, but it is important to emphasize it. On Poshmark, you can sell clothes, accessories, decorative items, and some tech stuff, which is quite a variety! However, you must keep in mind that there are items that you cannot sell on the platform.

Take the case of electronics. While you can sell them, you can’t sell whatever you want. Household items like landline phones, refrigerators, dishwashers, or blenders are not permitted!

Neither are more specific hardware items like computer components or motherboards. This is worth clarifying because, at Poshmark, you can sell video game consoles or phones.

Other things you can’t sell under any circumstances are counterfeits. It doesn’t matter if it is a good quality counterfeit or makes it clear in the title. Selling items with counterfeit brand logos are illegal and banned on Poshmark.

designer bags

If you can’t prove that an item is legitimate, it’s best to avoid selling it.

You should also be careful with some marketable things that will lose their value if the user. Take items that you must sell new for hygiene reasons, for example, make-up and underwear. In both cases, you must ensure that they are sealed and with their respective labels to confirm that they are new.

This helps not to compromise the health of other users or ruin any experience.

So keep this advice in mind, if you are going to sell on Poshmark, check that it is something you are allowed to sell there.

Tip 5: Eye-Catching Photos = More Sales

When you post an item, think carefully about the photo you will upload. The impression your item makes is what will attract future buyers. Think about choosing a good angle for your clothes, good lighting (you can use sunlight or artificial light), or a camera with good definition. Remember you want to sell your item, make it look amazing!

Tip 6: Make Sure It Is In Good Condition

Another tip when uploading your photos is to keep in mind that no one wants to buy something in bad condition. Before photographing your item, make sure it’s in top-notch condition.

Wash it properly, iron it in case it is a t-shirt or pants. If it is a shirt, you can place it on a hanger. On the other hand, if it is a shoe, you can photograph it with the laces on and from several angles.

As you saw before, an item that is in bad condition can be returned by the customer. If this happens, you will lose not only money but also your reputation. This can translate to lost sales in the future!

Tip 7: Don’t Appear In The Photos!

This tip is super important as it makes the difference between a novice and an experienced seller. When you post your photo, try not to use a picture where you are wearing the product.

We all know we are buying something used, but no one wants to see how you use it. Try to show that it is in good condition and has as little use as possible since the person who buys it will buy it to use it themselves.

poshmark selling

This same tip applies if you are selling objects in which you can see yourself reflected. It applies to mirrors, televisions, cell phones, and make-up.

Avoid being in the photos because they can be compromising. Some may even be funny and show that you are a novice, making you lose the opportunity to sell.

Tip 8: Complete Sales Without Regretting It

If you publish something, you must be committed to selling it. If someone should decide to buy something you have posted, but you regret selling it, you should do it anyway. Once you publish an item, you must be sure that you want to dispose of it!

Think of it this way: you are a buyer, and you see an object you want. You buy it, you contact the seller, and instead of arranging the sale, he tells you he won’t sell you anything. The Poshmark shopping experience is completely ruined by someone who is not committed to selling what they post.

So our tip is only to post items that you are truly willing to sell. If you make this mistake constantly, the perspective that other users have of you is that of a liar. This could completely ruin your reputation on Poshmark, resulting in no one wanting to buy anything from you.

Tip 9: Keep everything inside Poshmark

When you chat with another user to arrange a sale, try only to do it through Poshmark. Any other form of contact implies that you give or ask for personal information that is not appropriate.

Performing these actions implies being temporarily or completely banned from Poshmark, and your reputation as a seller would be destroyed. Poshmark offers you everything you need to chat with your buyers, and you cannot use this platform to steal personal data.

Tip 10: Be honest

The most important tip without a doubt if you were wondering “how to sell on Poshmark fast?” is, be honest. All Poshmark users know that they are looking for used clothing or items; some items may not be in optimal condition.

That’s exactly why you should be as honest as possible in your descriptions. Be descriptive about flaws, and it’s okay if your clothes have them, only if you lie about them.


Being honest will help you let buyers know exactly what they are buying and avoid problems in the future. This way, no one will have to make returns, you won’t have arguments with anyone, and you can enjoy selling online with Poshmark to the fullest.


Without a doubt, selling your used clothing on Poshmark is super convenient and simple. It’s as easy as photographing your item, posting it, and selling it. No paperwork to fill out, no paperwork to complete, and no shipping fees to pay

Selling your used (or unused) items has never been so convenient. And while there are times when you may go a long time without selling something, we hope these tips have helped you to sell on Poshmark fast.

Remember always to keep the environment comfortable, the user experience friendly, and enjoy selling on Poshmark. Helping to make the community friendly will help you to sell your antique artifacts. Remember to see our guides on how to sell on other websites.

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