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Ubereats Vs. Postmates: Who Pays the Most Money?



Postmates vs Ubereats

One of the best parts of our modern world is that you can make money by delivering food to other people, and all you need is a phone and a car. There are two services for this – Ubereats and Postmates. If you are thinking about becoming a driver, you might wonder – which one pays the most money?

Read on to learn more about Ubereats vs. Postmates and which one will benefit you the most. Each has a varying pay structure, so you will be treated differently depending on which one you decide to use. Being clear about what you are getting yourself into ahead of time will help you make the best choice for your pockets.

Who Pays More? Ubereats or Postmates?

Ubereats vs. Postmates – which one pays more? This question is of the utmost importance, as you will want to make as much as possible while you’re on the road. After all, it’s your money that you’ll spend to get to varying places on your route. It is critical to make the most of each drive.

The answer to this question is not as simple as it seems. There are factors within each service that contribute to your pay. Most of the time, it’s up to you to determine how much you get paid by making the most of deliveries. Postmates and Ubereats are pretty close in terms of what they offer for drivers.

Below, we will discuss the different benefits and formulas that each service uses to determine what its drivers receive. You can select the service that works best for you through this information and start making money right from your vehicle. Neither company is the same in what it gives to drivers who work for them.

Ubereats vs. Postmates Pay Formulas

As mentioned above, there are two different formulas that Ubereats and Postmates utilize to calculate what their drivers will earn. Although they’re different, workers for both of these companies can make about the same income – between $12-$20 an hour. However, there are various ways this money is made.

Below, we’ll dive into each of the formulas used in Ubereats and Postmates. By better understanding where the income comes from when you deliver food, you can make an intelligent decision about which company will put the most money in your pocket. Time is money, and you deserve the best.

Ubereats Pay Formula

Ubereats calculates the pay of the driver by utilizing three components. These add together to form the total amount a driver brings in per trip. The amount you receive will change depending on the distance you drive, the person paying, and the food ordered, among other things.

To calculate the payment for their drivers, Ubereats considers the following elements:

  • Base fare: This item is the standard payment, considering the pickup and dropoff time as well as the distance you’ll travel. The base fare is what the person consuming the meal pays.
  • Promotions: Promotions include a few things, which we’ll touch on later in the piece. Promotions are simultaneously an incentive and a form of bonus.
  • Trip supplement: This new item factors in the time the trip takes as well as the distance. Trip supplements were added in an attempt to make every trip worth a driver’s time.

These are all added together to determine what you’re paid as a driver for Ubereats. Depending on the choice you make with your drives, you can earn quite the living as an Ubereats driver.

You’ll need to be smart about the trips you accept to ensure you’re getting the most bang for your gas money. Knowing what you’re earning allows you to determine which routes will permit you to take in the most income. Some are just not worth your time, while others could pad your pockets for weeks.

Postmates Pay Formula

The Postmates pay formula is a little more specific, and they make it more available for users to view on the internet. Once you know about the Postmates formula, you can compare it to the Ubereats one to determine which is best for your life. Each will serve you in a varying way.

To calculate the payment for their drivers, Postmates considers:

  • The city you’re in: The city you’re delivering in determines the payment you’ll receive. For instance, you’ll receive more in Houston for delivering than if you were in Pittsburg.
  • The minutes: Postmates pay by the minute for deliveries, so it’s critical to keep this in mind as you’re driving.
  • The miles: Postmates also pays based on the miles you need to travel for both pickup and dropoff. More miles for a trip means you’ll bring in more cash.

These are all added together to determine what you’re paid as a driver for Postmates. Depending on the trip, you can make quite a living if you’re smart about your drives.

Postmates seems to be a little more precise with how they make sure drivers receive payment for their work. However, Postmates and Ubereats drivers tend to make about the same amount of money.

Looking at these formulas, you can determine which one you think will permit you to make the most money. Your city may have the most significant impact on this decision. It’s also critical to consider the bonuses that each company offers for its drivers, and these can make a difference in your choice.

Are There Additional Ways to Get Paid?

On top of this general pay formula, there are additional ways within each company to get paid. These might include bonuses, tips, or other benefits that you can put away and save on top of your earnings. Benefits are often the deciding factor in any decision when selecting a job that involves driving from place to place.

Please keep reading to learn more about some of the additional ways Ubereats and Postmates provide payments to their drivers. Although these may not matter to some, they make all the difference in the world. Each brand boasts different ones for those who decide to work for them.

Ubereats Additional Payments for Drivers

Just as with the payment formula, Ubereats has a few benefits that are unique to your system. Depending on how you drive, you can take advantage of these and maximize the amount you receive per drive. Some people rely on these advantages to improve their stream of income when driving.

Some of the additional payments drivers with Ubereats can receive include:

  • Promotions: These include Surge, Boost, and Quest. Each offers a different thing to a driver.
  • Tips: Ubereats has an excellent policy regarding the tips a driver can keep after their trip.

These can pad your pockets and be put away for later.

We’ll discuss each of these in more depth to give you a better idea of the payment you’ll receive with each additional form of funding. Then, you can compare them to the benefits Postmates provides to make the best possible decision. It’s critical to know about both of them for your benefit.


There are several bonus incentives that Ubereats offers for their drivers. These are known as promotions, and drivers can take advantage of them during their drive to increase the money they bring in for the day. We’ll discuss three of the promotions you might see while you’re out on the road as an Ubereats driver.

Three of the main promotions include:

  • Quest: Quest happens when you arrive at a goal set during a specific period.
  • Boost: Boost is a multiplier you can achieve if you’re working in busy times.
  • Surge: Surge is the last on this list, and it involves higher pricing if you’re working in a busy period, just like Boost.

All of these provide ways to make more money and have quality time as a driver through Ubereats.

This promotion is just one of the ways you can make money as an Ubereats driver on top of the standard payments you get as a worker for this company. Read on to understand the tips you can combine with promotions to earn as much as possible during a drive.


One of the most incredible things about Ubereats is that drivers can keep all of their tips. This tends to be rare in the delivery world, especially with a system that operates entirely online. If you’re given a massive bonus for delivering food to a location, you’re allowed to keep it all for yourself.

With that tip money, you can:

  • Save: Save the tip money on the side to prepare for your future.
  • Spend: Use the tip money to pay for necessary items for your job, such as gas.
  • Invest: Invest the tip money in something like the stock market to see if you can build it up.

Bonus cash is sure to come in handy, no matter what you may need in your life.

Tips are just one of the additional ways you can receive payment for your work with Ubereats. By adding this to promotions, it’s easy to see how the cash can stack up. We’ll discuss Postmates next so you can compare the two side-by-side.

Postmates Additional Payments for Drivers

Postmates also has some additional ways drivers can bring in money as they deliver food from one location to the other. These can be added on top of the general income a driver will make, increasing the average amount paid per trip. These are different from what Ubereats gives to those who work for them.

Two of the additional payment methods for Postmates drivers include:

  • Bonuses: Postmates offers a variety of perks to drivers who do a great job.
  • Starter guarantee: This benefit is helpful for new drivers.

These can add a layer of padding to the pockets of drivers.

We’ll talk about each of these more in-depth below. You know about what Ubereats has to offer, and now you can use this information to compare the two to each other. Each may be better for a different person. Understanding Postmates tips will help you determine which is the better choice for you.


For drivers, Postmates offer bonuses to those that work for them. These happen with specific deliveries, and you’ll need to complete them within a particular time frame to earn these bonuses, which range in money earned depending on the distance and speed of the order.

Not only do these bonuses fill your pockets, but they’re also fun to take on as a driver. You can turn your deliveries into a game as you try to fulfill the bonuses offered to you. There should be a decent amount you can choose from if you’re up to date with the app.

Starter Guarantee

If you are just getting started with Postmates, they have a Starter Guarantee that makes sure you earn a decent amount in your first few weeks. You do not need to worry about falling behind just because you are new to the app. If that is something you are worried about, Postmates could be the company for you.

Having a guaranteed income will make sure that every drive is worth your time. A Starter Guarantee is a draw for many, and if you live in a big city, the Starter Guarantee tends to be more significant. Make sure you consider this before you decide on a company to work for during the day.


When deciding to work for a company like Ubereats or Postmates, it is critical to consider which will make you more money. If you are going to spend money on gas and take the time to deliver food, you want to make the most of each trip. It’s safe to say that both companies give you an equal chance of earning a solid living.

If you want to determine which is best for you, consider the payment formula and the bonuses offered within each company. Each may have services that will benefit you individually, and place each side-by-side to see which one is the best for you. Whatever you decide, you will have a great way to make money and support yourself.

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